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  • Use CNC mill to engrave many types of materials. (see Description)
  • It will fit any of our engraving tools.
  • Engraves brass, aluminum, trophies, name tags
  • Made with heavy duty industrial diamond.
  • Have multiple replacements on hand.


You are looking at a 90 degree replacement diamond tip bit only. (The body is NOT included in this product) It is the OEM for the 1/4" spring loaded tool that we sell 


(See our other products)


The replacement tip comes with a new 1/8" x 1.0" diamond tipped cutter, replacement spring and screw. This is everything you need to make your tool like brand new again. 


With this type of tool you are able to do very detailed engravings on uneven surfaces and the engraving remains even. The tool does not rotate so you do not need to run the spindle. These are perfect for engraving several types of material including brass, aluminum, fiber board, acrylic, plastic painted surfaces and much more. 


If you have any questions please contact us before purchasing.

These are only guaranteed to fit our tools!  

They may work in others but do not guarantee that they will


Skeleton, Piranha, Laguna, Shark, 3020, 3040, 3060, Taig, Sherline, LXG0609, 2020, 2030, 2040, Oliver, Rising, Konmison, Sanvn, Gtsun, Sungoldpower



I could easily argue that a spare engraving bit is a must have. Not having a spare engraving bit is like driving a car without a spare tire - if you get a flat, you're in big trouble. Treat the need for a spare engraving bit the same way. If your engraving bit chips or gets dull, you'll be out of business until the manufacturer can get you a replacement. If you just can't afford a spare engraving bit when you purchase your new engraver, make it a goal to get one in as soon as possible. The cost is minimal compared to the down time.

90 Degree Replacement Tip for the RDZ Engraver